Engagement (Make Your Mark)


Engage 5-star publishers with "subtle messages for a subtle buzz"

Video Campaigns

Leverage the hugely impactful art of discreet video strategies

Risk Avoidance

A core task of ours is to keep you at all times in compliance with all rules and regulations

Focus and Sensitivity


Lead Magnet

Add value-based facts to your messaging and see traffic flock to your site


Nothing like user-testimonials to generate a confidence-based following

Persuasion (Sway Your Audience)

Data-Based Messaging

Use trustworthy data to reach every sector of your audience


Re-target action calls to spike interest among casual guests

Perfect And Optimize

We use a series of integrated systems to increase conversions and boost returns

Stay Tall In The Marketplace

We ensure you stay above the crowd by rallying the nation’s top publishers and brand-influencers


Campaign orchestration and tracking go hand-in-hand to get you the best possible ROI

Exceed Your Goals

Exceed your goals from awareness to engagement to driving new business

Vertical Marketing

Team up with influencers and bloggers to place your brand in front of new customers

A Partnership Experience. Merchants Invite Kyzooma To Join Your Affiliate Program

Behind The Scene Soft-Offerring

Whether in the form of e-books, white papers, reports, or case studies, we help you create non-promotional offers that your audience can’t get anywhere else.



A focus on building audiences has become a key differentiator these days

Understanding SEO

As mysterious as it might sometimes appear, it is difficult to overstate the importance of great optimization


Choosing trustworthy partners and implementing partnership marketing can be inexpensive and highly effective


The Conversion Funnel

From opt-in to fueling interest to purchases: that is the power of an optimized funnel for maximum conversions

Video Outreach

Video is no longer a part of your campaign, it needs to play a central role in your outreach

Landing Page Personalization

One-to-one marketing leverages data analysis to deliver impactful offerings to prospective customers

Content Monetization

Third-Party Endorsement

Another core task of ours is to get you quality third parties to quietly promote your brand

In-Feed Video Promotions

We help you create native video campaigns that give users a seamless engagement with your brand


Dynamic Content

We help you tailor the web experience to individual buyers through our commanding use of dynamic content

Rich Data, Actionable Conclusions

We help you collect real-time customer data that generate real-time actionable insights


We leverage our experience to help you map the chain of influence on consumer choice

Organic Traffic

Responsive Design

You want to ensure that your messages are consumable on any device, from desktop to tablet and mobile phone

What Traffic To Drive

Dynamically prioritize your latency-sensitive traffic such as VoIP, cloud-based offerings, and email

Content Marketing

We help you drive profitable customer action with a perfectly integrated mix of valuable, relevant, and consistent content

Direct Response

Combine branding with direct response marketing to create measurable relationships between your ad dollars and results

Tracking And Reporting

From tracking conversions by source, to closed-loop reporting on every element of your campaigns

Niche Marketing

We'll help you channel your marketing effort towards well-defined segments of your overall target audience with:

  • Specialized research to identify and focus on different demographics
  • Distil and synthesize the different elements of your brand
  • View the world from your customers’ perspectives
  • Evaluate, test, and implement

Top 3 Strategies

Audiences Care Less And Less About Platforms:
These Days It's All About Content

It's also all about value-driven content that sets a brand apart. Here are its various elements:

  1. Interactive content: This is content that presents in various forms (copy, banners, moving images, pop-ups, animation, video, audio, podcasts, and other visuals). It relies on:
    • Assessments (users are asked questions and get custom results)
    • Polls and surveys (content follows topic-related feedback)
    • Contests and sweepstakes (dynamic promotions with prizes)
    • Knowledge tests and quizzes (testing user knowledge on topics)
  2. Content that connects emotionally: Content that does not engage at the emotional level is not shared as much. Content should naturally evoke curiosity and/or positive emotions, by:
    • Deriving a buyer persona, and speaking directly to him or her
    • Instead of "blending", creating your own unique valuable insights
    • Using humor, empathy and compassion (saying you love to relate)
    • Asking the right questions (and making users think)
  3. Images and infographics: Visually appealing infographics are the most shared type of content on the web, more so than presentations and blogs. As for images, image-rich content is shared much more frequently than straight copy. Data shows that image-rich content gets 18% more clicks, 89% more likes, and 150% more retweets.
  4. Lists and news: Content that includes lists, such as “how-to” guides, and articles that explain issues get more shares, as does news-rich content, particularly if the news shared comes from trustworthy sources or authority niche sites.


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